Dave, Melissa, Ella and Emmy

Holy FARM HEAVEN! This shoot was one of my favorite to date! I knew that karma was going to reward us with a great session since the weather had this shoot rescheduled multiple times for a month! But this was even better than expected. This gorgeous couple and their SWEET, beautiful little girls were so much fun to work with, AND I’m a happy girl any time there are animals involved in the shoot! I got to meet their adorable, energetic 10 month old pup, Sam. And this majestic horse was nice enough to let us snap some photos of him engaging with the family ;) MORE FARMS AND PRETTY TUTU DRESSES PLEASE!

Bob, Kelly and Mila

My husband and I have known Bob and Kelly for years as we all held summer jobs at the same swim club! It’s been such a privilege to watch their beautiful family grow, and the little angel in these photos is their 9 month old, blue-eyed little miracle, Mila! Is she not the CUTEST little pumpkin?! After a thus far gloomy and rainy autumn, the sun finally decided to peek out just in time for our shoot!

Joe, Randi and Cole

THIS family. They were the sweetest little bunch. I got to capture this precious bunch in Ocean City, NJ on September 16. Cole is a 6 month old, active little man who loved moving around and playing in the waves! Randi and Joe’s love for each other and Cole is glaringly evident in their facial expressions of every picture, and it was such an honor to capture this love.

Emmi in Brigantine

Is there anything better than family vacation?? No one stressing about work, no pressing timelines, just quality time and relaxing on the beach…and treating yourself to ice cream at night! :) Here’s a couple images I nabbed of Emmi enjoying her time down the shore.

Emilia Marian

05.07.18. The birth of my niece was one of the BEST days of my life. Being an aunt has truly taught me new levels of love. Even more amazing was seeing my sister slide right into her new role of motherhood as if it was always meant to be her path. Here are some pictures of Emmi’s first day in the world :)