Erik, Jenna and Owen

Enchanting! This is the word that comes to mind when I think of my afternoon with this family :) They were so outgoing and sweet and I LOVED watching them all love on each other! Owen is 20 months old and full of life and energy. We had so much fun prancing around Barclay Farm Museum on their chilly, sun-soaked afternoon!

Rob, Kelly and RJ

I got to meet this sweet family in Elmer, NJ. We had plans to meet at Parvin State Park and while I was down there scoping out the lighting situation, I passed this ADORABLE little flower farm called Parvins Mill Flowers. The owner was sweet enough to let us use their gorgeous rows of zinnias for some pictures! And can we talk about this HANDSOME little devil, RJ?! I mean when you’re this cute, an ear infection ain’t got nothing on you! He was such a trooper for these pictures, even while not feeling well. Oh, and you’ll always score extra points with me if you include your 4 legged friend :D

Bob, Kelly and Mila

My husband and I have known Bob and Kelly for years as we all held summer jobs at the same swim club! It’s been such a privilege to watch their beautiful family grow, and the little angel in these photos is their 9 month old, blue-eyed little miracle, Mila! Is she not the CUTEST little pumpkin?! After a thus far gloomy and rainy autumn, the sun finally decided to peek out just in time for our shoot!

Joe, Randi and Cole

THIS family. They were the sweetest little bunch. I got to capture this precious bunch in Ocean City, NJ on September 16. Cole is a 6 month old, active little man who loved moving around and playing in the waves! Randi and Joe’s love for each other and Cole is glaringly evident in their facial expressions of every picture, and it was such an honor to capture this love.

Emmi in Brigantine

Is there anything better than family vacation?? No one stressing about work, no pressing timelines, just quality time and relaxing on the beach…and treating yourself to ice cream at night! :) Here’s a couple images I nabbed of Emmi enjoying her time down the shore.