Ryan and Gina Maternity Shoot

I had the pleasure of capturing some memories of Gina’s adorable baby bump at the Barclay Farm Museum. Ryan and Gina’s first babe will be the BEST Christmas gift, as he/she is due to arrive right after the holiday! I love that they are going to be surprised whether its a boy or girl (my hubby and I are doing the same!). The love between these sweeties was PALPABLE during their shoot, and I can only imagine how much love will be poured into their little babe! :)

Emilia Marian

05.07.18. The birth of my niece was one of the BEST days of my life. Being an aunt has truly taught me new levels of love. Even more amazing was seeing my sister slide right into her new role of motherhood as if it was always meant to be her path. Here are some pictures of Emmi’s first day in the world :)